Other healthcare professionals

As well as cancer doctors and nurses, you may meet other professionals working at the hospital or in the community. 

This page explains the roles of some professionals that may be involved in your cancer care.

  • Cancer information staff
    Provide information and support often from a cancer information centre or a charity
  • Clinical psychologists
    Can help you cope with complex emotional and personal issues
  • Counsellors
    Can help you make sense of your feelings and offer emotional support through talking
  • Dieticians
    Give advice and information about nutrition how to deal with some of the dietary effects of cancer and treatment
  • Hospital chaplains
    There to listen whether you're religious or not. They can put you in touch with relevant local churches and religious groups, who can also offer support and practical help
  • Occupational therapists (OT)
    Can help you with practical ways to live independently after illness
  • Pharmacists
    Experts in medication. They provide prescriptions and give advice on taking medicines and their possible side effects
  • Phlebotomists
    Specialists who take blood from you
  • Physiotherapists
    Help you to regain strength and mobility after treatment. They provide a range of specialist treatments, exercises and advice
  • Radiographers
    Take x-rays, scans and do some treatments
  • Therapeutic radiographers
    Plan and deliver radiotherapy treatment, working with clinical oncologists. If you have radiotherapy treatment, radiographers can be a good source of information and support
  • Social workers
    Can help you find practical, emotional and financial support, including advice on welfare benefits. Most social workers are employed by social services but some are also employed by the NHS
  • Speech and language therapists
    Work with people with cancer who have speech and swallowing problems

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