Funding and spending

How we raised our money

In 2019 we raised £25m, which meant we could build more centres and develop our programme of cancer support.


Total income: £25,016,000

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£7,740,000 from charitable trusts, companies and statutory

Income from companies includes staff fundraising and corporate donations. Statutory income includes money from the Big Lottery Fund.

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£4,344,000 from local community fundraising

This includes income from volunteers and supporters who ran events and fundraises locally in their community and around their centres.

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£5,681,000 from individuals

This is income from our regular givers and major donors.

£1,179,000 from legacies

This is money that people leave to us in their Wills.

£238,000 from bank interest and other sources

This is interest receivable from our bank accounts and income from partnerships with other cancer organisations.

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£2,900,000 from fundraising events

This includes income from our biking, hiking and running events, and also includes income from dinners and balls.

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£2,934,000 from the People's Postcode Lottery

This is the money for charitable support that we receive from the People's Postcode Lottery.

How we spent our money


Total expenditure: £22,904,000

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£16,591,000 spent on activities to help people with cancer

This includes the cost of building new centres and refurbishing and upgrading existing ones, as well as the cost of running our centres and providing the programme of support both within our centres and online.

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£1,157,000 spent on the cost of fundraising events

This is the cost of organising our running, hiking and biking events. Also included are the costs of fundraising dinners and balls.

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£5,156,000 spent on generating voluntary income

This is the cost of raising all money except from events.

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