What are Cancer support specialists ?

Monday 14 May 2018

I am often asked what cancer support specialists at Maggie's do and how they can help. It is surprisingly difficult to put into words exactly what our role is as we work in different ways with individual visitors to help you to find the support and information  you need.

Cancer support specialists across Maggie’s Centres are always  experienced health professionals. In the Online team Sue and I have worked for many years as cancer nurses. Other cancer support specialists across our centres may  have a different background as a radiographer for example , but we all have many years experience of working with people affected by cancer and their families.

So how can we help?
We start with what you come to Maggie's with - the story you tell us, and we help you find you way forwards....

We are not here to replace your hospital team – we are here alongside as you face the challenges,  both emotional and practical, that a diagnosis of cancer brings you, your family and friends

We will listen to your questions, help you to find the answers you need or the words to ask, the  space to express the emotions you are experiencing and signpost you to support at Maggie’s, your healthcare team ,or other specialist organisations.

There are several different ways that you may come across the cancer support specialists here at Maggie’s online community.  If you read through the conversations you will see we often post replies and you will also see our blog posts .

Much of the work of the cancer support specialists here at Maggie’s online community is via private messages. Registered members are able to send us personal messages anytime .  We always reply as soon as we are able - usually within 24 hours ( or the next working day)

Whether you come across us in the blogs, conversations, personal messages or live chats, You might have questions about tests, treatment or possible side effects, be having difficulty coping with reactions of friends, families and children  or are perhaps struggling with caring for someone else with cancer.. You might be concerned about the practical or emotional effects of diagnosis or treatment on your personal relationships or have difficulty communicating with healthcare professionals.

Sometimes, just as there can be no question, there is no specific answer. Then we are still here to listen and support you and those around you through a difficult or uncertain time.

You are welcome to  visit  or telephone one of our  Centres and talk to our cancer support specialists in person.   In  our centres or online  you can  talk with our cancer support specialists anytime, at any point in your cancer journey, whether you have cancer yourself, are worried about cancer or you are supporting a family member or friend.   Here at Maggie's online  we may  sometimes contact you, having read your blog post or profile ,  inviting you to share a little more with us about what brought you to Maggie’s and to let you know more about the support Maggie’s has to offer.  

Best wishes


Blog originally written by Robyn  updated July 2020

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