Our cancer support groups

Group support is available for people with any type of cancer and their friends and families: before, during or after treatment.

Every group provides an opportunity to talk to other people who are in a similar situation to you, and to share experiences.

Groups offer a safe space to express emotions you might not want to share with your friends and family. You might learn from those a little way ahead of you in their journey and develop your own strategies for coping.

Support groups

Support groups are are led by a psychologist or cancer support specialist and focus on the emotional impact of cancer.

The type of groups we run include:

  • Bereavement support groups for individuals, families and children
  • Young men and women's support groups
  • Older people's support groups
  • Carer's support groups.

Networking groups

Networking groups bring together groups of people with the same type of cancer.

These groups are tailored to a specific cancer and provide information on treatment options and techniques to improve wellbeing.

It has been a godsend coming to the prostate group. It’s reassuring to speak to people in the same position. I talk about things within the group that I would never talk about with my family and friends.

How to join a group at Maggie's

Every centre runs a selection of support groups and networking groups. Find your nearest centre to take a look at the timetable or call the team to find out more.

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