Strategy - Maggie's Centres


Our long-term aim is to have a Maggie's at every major cancer hospital in the UK. Find out more about what we want to achieve by 2027.

Deliver excellence in care and support

We will continue to deliver a high quality, evidence-based core programme of cancer support. By 2027, we aim to support almost half a million visits from people with cancer and their families every year.

Partner with others to enhance the quality of care

We know that great partnerships can lead to excellence in care and support.

We're here for anyone with cancer, with our centres working beside major cancer hospitals across the UK to support and enhance the quality of care available.

Inspire and grow support for Maggie's

Our ambition is to raise £150m revenue income by 2027 to support our centre visitors.


Design and build exceptional places

In the next 5 years our aim is to be planned at or operational at half (30) of all major NHS cancer centres in the UK.

Raise awareness and reach more people

To support more people than ever before we aim to increase the awareness and reach of Maggie’s across the UK.


Invest in our people and organisation

Our people and culture are our greatest assets.

Over the next 5 years we aim to further develop and inspire our people, making Maggie’s a great place to work and attracting new talented people to join our organisation.

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