Multidisciplinary teams (MDT)

When you have cancer, you will meet your consultant's team regularly but your case will also be discussed and reviewed by a larger specialist group of experts.

This group of people is called a multidisciplinary team (MDT).

The information on this page will help you to find out more about the role of the MDT and where they fit in with your cancer care.

Multidisciplinary teams (MDT) explained

MDTs exist to make sure you're offered the best available treatments.

Within each NHS hospital there will be different MDTs covering all types of cancer. Some smaller hospitals may link to an MDT in a larger cancer centre. 

They meet regularly, usually once a week, to discuss treatment plans for newly diagnosed patients and review ongoing cases.

The meetings may be very large and will include all consultant teams who specialise in your type of cancer, radiologists, specialist nurses, pathologists and other healthcare professionals.

What MDTs mean for you

It can be reassuring to know that the treatments you are offered by your consultant will have been discussed and agreed by the MDT.

The results of your tests and scans will be discussed in the meeting. Sometimes, they may request you have further tests, to make sure they're offering the best treatment.

If your cancer investigations are complex, or you have a rare cancer, it can sometimes take a little longer to reach a decision.

If your cancer is more advanced, or has returned, the MDT will review your case to ensure you are offered the best options.

Waiting for news

If you've been waiting for some time to hear what happens next with your treatment, it can make you feel as if nothing's happening.

Your appointments are timed to make sure test and scan results are available and the MDT meeting has taken place. This is so your doctor can have the right information to discuss with you.

If you haven’t heard back from the hospital about recent MDT discussions, you could contact your GP, the specialist nurse or your consultant secretary to find out more information.

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