Our buildings

Everything you need to know about our buildings – the philosophy behind their unique design, the importance of architecture and gardens and how we choose the people we work with.

Healing architecture

If you’ve ever been to a Maggie’s centre, you’ll know that they are special places, and many of them have won awards for their architecture and design.

This is because we know that great design and architecture can help the people who come to us for support feel better – and help us to give the best possible cancer support. 

Every Maggie’s is a unique place that fits perfectly into its surroundings – a home from home that’s designed to feel nothing like a hospital. 

Maggie's blueprint

Our centres are created not for luxury add-on value, but because our spaces need to do so much for the people who use them.

It started with our co-founder Maggie who understood the impact environment and design can have on someone dealing with cancer.

Maggie talked about the need for “thoughtful lighting, a view out to trees, birds and sky” and the opportunity “to relax and talk away from home cares”. 

We’ve taken that idea and grown Maggie’s blueprint into a network of beautifully designed centres.

Our buildings

Every one of our centres is original and surprising, yet they all feel like they are part of the same family. They all:

  • are calm, friendly and welcoming places, full of light and warmth
  • have a kitchen table at their heart
  • offer glimpses and views of the nature that surrounds them
  • provide thoughtful spaces to find privacy as well as places to come together as a group. 

Our gardens

Our architects and interior and landscape designers work closely together from the very beginning of the project to make sure there is a strong connection between the outside and inside space.

The people who come to Maggie’s should be able to look or step outside from as many places as possible, even if it's only into a planted courtyard.

We ask our landscape architects to use plants that will add colour, scent and interest throughout the year. 

How we choose our architects

We approach architects and landscape and interior designers who we feel will have an interesting and thoughtful response to our brief.

We also look for people who can meet the challenges of each site or have a personal link to the local area.

Our architectural brief

While each Maggie’s centre is unique, the shared environment each one creates is no accident, but rather a response to a carefully considered and demanding architectural brief.

Every architect we work with is given the same briefwhich is very close to the original blueprint created by Maggie herself.

The brief covers the functional needs of the buildings, but also allows each architect to express their own interpretation of what a calming and welcoming space means to them.

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