Players of People’s Postcode Lottery help us in so many ways

Tuesday 03 August 2021

Since Maggie's and People's Postcode Lottery started working together in 2008, we have received £17.3 million thanks to the generosity of players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

The funding we receive from players of the People's Postcode Lottery is unrestricted, which means we can be more responsive and allocate funds where they are needed most.

The money allows us to support people with cancer in many ways, including:

  • developing new aspects of our programme of support including sessions to help people with cancer manage key relationships
  • hosting live discussions looking at the most important issues facing people living with cancer
  • running webinars where we looked back at our 25 years of expertise to help people return to their workplace


Cancer, Children and Coronavirus live virtual event

A live panel discussion with Amanda Procter, Centre Head at Maggie's Leeds and Cat Lyle who is supported by the centre, hosted by BBC Scotland's Broadcaster and Journalist Stephen Jardine.


Cat Lyle

Cat is supported by Maggie’s Leeds and was a guest panellist on the Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"I don’t know how many times I had to hide a tear-stained face from the kids, I would tell them I was just a bit hot. I was hiding how ill I was, the children just thought I’d had ‘a bit of an operation’. 

"I felt so much ‘mummy guilt’, I felt like I was completely disorganised with home-schooling – it was just so much to deal with on my own.

"I could tell the kids were worried about me but speaking to the psychologist at Maggie's really helped me by giving me the chance to talk about the things I really needed to talk about and get my life back on track.

"Taking part in the 'Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' event was a cathartic process for me to tell my story and to help others who were experiencing similar challenges throughout the coronavirus pandemic."

Stephen Jardine

BBC broadcaster and host of the Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"It was a humbling experience to hear Cat talk about how she has coped with being a single mum with cancer during a pandemic, I really don’t know how she found the strength.

"I am so glad Maggie’s has been there for her, and I am grateful to Maggie’s and players of People’s Postcode Lottery for putting on this live event to discuss cancer, children and coronavirus, which has been helpful to many others in similar situations."

Amanda Procter

Centre Head at Maggie’s Leeds and guest panellist on the Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"Coronavirus has impacted everyone, but we know it has been particularly tough on people living with cancer.

"What was fantastic about the 'Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' event is that it helped shine a light on how the pandemic has also affected children of parents living with cancer.

"It has clearly been utterly exhausting, draining and stressful for many families, but we have been supporting many throughout and, thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters, such as players of People’s Postcode Lottery, we are here with all people living with cancer, as well as their family and friends."

Nicola Rankin

Nicola attended the ‘Cancer, Children and Coronavirus' live virtual event.

"When I’m worried about something, I like to talk things through but when my partner Andy is worried, he tends to shut down and I find this really difficult.

"That’s where the Young Women’s Group at Maggie’s really helped. I was hearing from other people who were in the same boat as me – their partners didn’t want to talk things over and over, so and it was good to be able to listen to each other and talk things through. We really support each other. 

"Maggie’s also held a live virtual event in partnership with People’s Postcode Lottery – hosted by Stephen Jardine – discussing cancer, children and coronavirus and I found this really helpful to hear from Cat Lyle from Leeds who has had breast cancer and also struggled with her relationship during lockdown. It let me see that lots of people were having relationship difficulties and it wasn’t just me."

Nicola is now looking forward to getting married to her partner Andy in October.

Return to Work webinar supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery

A live recording of Maggie’s and People’s Postcode Lottery’s online event offering advice to organisations on how to support employees in their return to the office or workplace following the coronavirus lockdowns.

Feedback from the webinar

"It was a really useful hour and so informative. Emphasised the fact that everyone will be feeling and dealing with things in different ways. 

"Sometimes there is the expectation that you should carry on as if you've never been away, but good to feel that if you or your team don't feel that way right away it's totally normal. Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"I've attended many sessions about 'return to offices' and this one has been the best as its focus was specifically about individuals, rather than the practical elements of safe return. I really enjoyed it, thank you."

"The session was insightful and the conversation was very interesting. I think that is a hot topic for most companies as they are inviting staff to work and sometimes the emotional side of it is not properly assessed.

"For me as HR, I am doing my best to try to spot when someone needs support but the remote working is making it impossible to even spot this need.

"I will take this information and apply it as we are drafting policies of flexible working and thinking of how to create a safe space, from all points of view."

People's Postcode Lottery and Maggie's

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