Promote your fundraising

Whether you’re simply asking for sponsorship or organising a large fundraising event, it’s always a good idea to let everyone know what you are doing to help increase the amount of money you raise.

Tell your friends and family

They are the most likely to donate so let them know what you’re doing by sending emails and posting details on your social media accounts.

Don’t forget to include a link to your JustGiving page.

Social media

Social media platforms allow you to spread the word about your fundraising activities quickly throughout your network.

  • Share your JustGiving page with everyone
  • Don’t forget to use the JustGiving Facebook App to make sharing your online sponsorship page even easier
  • Like us on Facebook and tag @maggiescentres in your posts and we might feature you on our account
  • Follow @maggiescentres on Twitter and tag us in your tweets using #maggies


Use posters and flyers to tell everyone about your fundraising.

Ask local shops and businesses to display your posters. (You may even be able to persuade a local printer to do the printing for free as it’s for charity!)

Download our poster template

Local businesses

Are there any businesses local to you that might want to get involved in your fundraising?

Maybe they could profile you on their company website or intranet or display your posters on their premises.

They may even offer to donate a raffle prize or let you use their premises as a venue for your event.

After your fundraising activity

  • Thank your supporters – remember to thank your sponsors and donors for their generosity.
  • Pay in your money – If you set up your JustGiving page the money you raise is returned automatically to us so you don’t need to do anything more! If you fundraised offline then take a look at our Return your money page to download a paying in form and for details on where to send your money.
  • Shout out about it – Let your local papers know about your fundraising activities and how much you raised.

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How your money helps

The money you raise is used to make the biggest possible difference to the people living with cancer who walk through our doors each day.


means someone with cancer can spend an hour with a Benefits Advisor to help them get financial support


covers the cost of a ‘Getting Started’ session, helping someone with cancer learn to manage their diagnosis and treatment


means a family can get ongoing support from a Psychologist, helping them after losing someone with cancer

Get cancer support near you

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