Payroll Giving

Did you know you can support us directly through your salary by setting up Payroll Giving?

It's an easy‚ tax efficient way to make a regular donation and support the people with cancer and their families we see every day in our centres.

We rely almost entirely on voluntary donations so your payroll gift really does help. 

Payroll Giving is tax-free

When you donate through your salary or occupational pension, the deduction is made before tax is applied – so your donation goes even further.

  • Lower rate (20%) taxpayer
    If you pledge £10 a month‚ we receive the full amount but only £8 will be deducted from your net pay or pension
  • Higher rate (40%) taxpayer
    Only £6 would be deducted for every £10 you pledge
  • Additional rate (45%) taxpayer
    Only £4.50 would be deducted for every £10 pledged

Did you know? It's more efficient for higher rate taxpayers to donate through Payroll Giving than GiftAid as charities can't claim back tax above the basic rate through the GiftAid scheme.

Employees: How to set up Payroll Giving

It's really easy to set up Payroll Giving and you can do it through your salary or your occupational pension.

Through your salary

Tell your employer you'd like to donate to us through your salary.

If your company is not registered for the scheme, they can sign up with a Payroll Giving agency who can process employee donations.

There is no long-term commitment. If your circumstances change and you no longer wish to donate to us‚ simply tell your employer.

Through your pension

Simply ask your occupational pension provider to make a donation from your pension before tax has been deducted.

Employers: How to set up Payroll Giving

It’s really simple to set up your own Payroll Giving scheme: 

  • Contact an HMRC-approved Payroll Giving agency to set up a scheme
  • Offer your employees the opportunity to sign up to your new scheme 
  • Make the deduction each time you run payroll. Just take the donation directly from your employees gross salary and send it to your chosen Payroll Giving Agency. They will pass the money on to Maggie’s.

All donations will be taken from your employees’ pay before tax but after National Insurance, which means the donation costs less to them.

Your agency can answer any questions you or your employees have about the scheme.

We're here to help

If you have any questions about Payroll Giving, get in touch with us and we'll give you all the support you need:

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