Gifts, treats and experiences

Cancer affects life in many different ways, practically and emotionally.

This page will help you to find out more about discounts, treats and experiences available to help you and those close to you to feel a bit more normal during a difficult time in your lives.

Life following a diagnosis of cancer means there is less opportunity and often less money available to spend on yourself or those around you.  Relationships can become strained. Sometimes you may feel that some members of the family are receiving less attention than they are used to .

Taking some time out to treat yourself, or to spend time as a couple or a family, can  give you a breather away from tests and treatments. It can help give a sense of normality in the midst of a challenging time. 

After treatment, a break away or a new experience can help boost your confidence, and enjoy time with those close to you. It can help you find your new normal as you manage the emotional and physical effects of diagnosis and treatment. 

A little bit of pampering can go a long way in helping to rebuild your confidence and help you to feel more like you.

There are a number of organisations who offer free or discounted products and experiences for people affected by cancer. The links below will help you to find out more about what is available.

What now?

Look through the suggested links on this page and find out more about gifts, treats and experiences available.

Visit your local Maggie's centre and find out about the space, groups, courses and workshops our Centres offer for you and those supporting you.

Last review: Dec 2021 | Next review: Sep 2023

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