World Cancer Day 2024

Friday 02 February 2024

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Maggie’s recognises World Cancer Day with 'Just come in' campaign and supports closing the care gap, raising awareness and reducing the stigma of cancer.

This World Cancer Day, Maggie's shares messages from celebrity supporters and ambassadors, inviting everyone worried about a cancer diagnosis to 'just come in' to their nearest Maggie's centre.

Find out more about World Cancer Day and the 2024 campaign to 'close the care gap'.

What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4 February and aims to raise awareness of cancer, to reduce stigma and to improve prevention, detection and treatment worldwide.

It is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and is observed by the United Nations (UN), as well as many organisations around the globe.

Maggie's supporters and ambassadors share the message to 'just come in' to your nearest Maggie's centre.

Close the care gap

Anyone in the world can get cancer, but not everyone can access the cancer care they need.

In the UK, the NHS offers incredible care to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. However, it isn’t only the country you are born in that can impact your cancer healthcare experience, but also your income, education, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability.

Here at Maggie’s, we support World Cancer Day’s campaign to close the care gap, with our own vision to make our support available to everyone with cancer and everyone who loves them.

You can find out more about World Cancer Day’s mission and their petition calling on governments around the world to commit to closing the cancer care gap.

Raising awareness and reducing stigma of cancer

Bami, from Swansea, came to Maggie’s for support after her breast cancer diagnosis, having already suffered the loss of her mother and sister to breast cancer.

She is passionate about advocating for better outcomes for minority ethnic patients, psychological support, and cancer in the family.

Headshot of Bami, smiling

Now a Maggie’s centre ambassador, she is determined to support others through such challenging times and start more healing conversations.

Secrecy, stigma and shame are deadly – snuffing out hope, confidence and joy. I know that from personal experience. It is time to ditch the culture of silence.

She continues: "Living with cancer was bad enough, but in an atmosphere of secrecy, stigma and shame, the burden of pain is indescribable.

"I realised that these issues were not restricted to the West African culture but cut across ethnic minority communities. I have seen the damage of not speaking up. I have resolved to change that narrative."

After a conversation with a Cancer Genetics counsellor, Bami was introduced to Maggie’s.

As soon as I walked in, I felt like someone had handed me a beam of light in an otherwise dark tunnel. Lost and without a map, this support became vital.

"No matter the dictates of culture, a cancer diagnosis is a traumatic experience for all involved, patients and loved ones alike. Having worn both shoes, I can honestly say that the support that I have had from Maggie’s over the years has made a world of difference."

You can read Bami's full story here to find out more about her experience with cancer and Maggie's.

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