Online LGBTQI+ support in partnership with Live Through This

Thursday 07 May 2020

We have paired up with Live Through This to run a support group for people in the LGBTQI+ community who have cancer or love someone who does. Stewart, the founder tells us more.

Live Through This is a patient-led support group for those who have felt on the outside of the usual support options. 

My name is Stewart, I am non-binary, queer, living with chronic myeloid leukaemia and I am its founder. 

Live Through This provides monthly peer group sessions at Maggie’s Barts, jointly facilitated by Michael, one of Maggie’s Cancer Support Specialists. 

A safe space

The group is a safe space for anyone in the LGBTIQ+ community who has been affected by cancer. This can range from testing, treatment and diagnosis to remission, chronic care or palliative pathways. 

By bringing people together from all across the LGBTIQ+ spectrum we are able to network and connect with others in our community to discuss the unique ways our identity has interacted with our care. By listening to each other's experiences, we can truly appreciate that although in a minority, we are not alone. 

Just like we are open to anyone on the queer spectrum, we are also open to all cancer types. What is important to us is you as a person and how you navigate that through your cancer. 

One of the most important connections I’ve made in recent years was through this group and a person who was a different gender, age, tumour type and on palliative care. We had the opportunity to become really good friends.

We are also open to partners and carers, including those going through bereavement. We all stand to gain support from each other. 

Moving the sessions online

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to adapt our services and are now offering monthly sessions online.

At a time when many of us are shielding, we want to remind people we’re not alone. We also see this as an excellent opportunity to extend an invitation to people who don’t live in London or near Bart’s hospital. We believe you should be able to access support wherever you are. 

We welcome new members and encourage you to come and join us! It is a great way for us to connect, share our experiences of the pandemic or just catch up about what TV we’ve been binging on since lockdown. We hope to see you there! 

I have found the meetings with Stewart really useful and fun. It's been good to discuss my feelings with sympathetic people and to be able to share my thoughts, especially about the reactions of other people. I will certainly meet up again and would recommend Live Through This to any LGBTQ+ person affected in whatever way by cancer.
– Will, bereaved partner

As a queer nurse it has been uplifting to attend the sessions and be able to relate to and share experiences with these wonderful people.
– Miriam, Cancer Nurse Specialist 

How to join the group

Fill out a short questionnaire to help us make sure we can support you in the best possible way. 

The group runs on the first Thursday of each month from 6pm - 7:30pm.

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