Maggie's Cambridge Centre Head writes about induced or surgical menopause for app Stella

Monday 06 December 2021

Lisa Punt, Centre Head of Maggie’s Cambridge, talked to staff at Stella about our workshops for women managing cancer and menopause.

Stella is an app that offers personalised menopause treatment rooted in scientific research, developed by doctors and specialists.

Managing induced or surgical menopause can be a huge shock, especially when you were expecting menopause to happen during your 50s.

Lisa shares how support and knowledge can really help women deal with the triple impact of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and induced or surgical menopause.

We support women with cancer and their treatment-induced menopause through workshops that have a formal structure but informal atmosphere. We focus on legitimising their experiences and helping them understand what is happening as a result of their menopause. The impact of their treatment can be far-reaching and the opportunity to talk to others in a similar position can be incredibly helpful.

When speaking to Stella, Lisa was asked: When is the right time for induced or surgical menopause support?

Our workshops have really evolved over the last three years to meet the needs of those women experiencing menopause alongside cancer. We noticed initially that women were just overwhelmed when they attended and too much information was not helpful.

Now it is much more about sharing experiences, particularly around the impact on relationships and mood but also thinking about how we can optimise bone health through nutrition and exercise. As our groups bond, the more they want to continue the connection. Now, when anyone’s completed the menopause workshop, they can come into our monthly support group.

I often get asked when is the best time to get support for menopause.

There is no right time, it’s when it feels right.

At Maggie’s, we can support women at a time that feels right for them. The longer-term recovery from cancer treatment can take more time than expected and therefore we need to offer information and support when needed.

It is important there is a discussion early on in diagnosis about the impact of their treatments on menopause and long-term health. Women need to understand the importance of bone health and cholesterol levels. It’s not just about managing menopause symptoms but managing the physiological changes to your body.

In Lisa's blog, you can read more about: 

  • Supporting women with medically induced menopause
  • What induced menopause and surgical menopause means
  • Identifying and managing the symptoms of induced menopause and surgical menopause
  • The psychological impact of induced menopause
  • What induced menopause means for your fertility.

Read the full article on how to deal with induced menopause or surgical menopause.

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