Laura Lee pays tribute to Lord Richard Rogers in the Architect's Journal

Thursday 27 January 2022

Our Chief Executive, Dame Laura Lee pays tribute to Richard Rogers in this month's Architect's Journal.

Richard was not just a great architect, but he was also a great friend of Maggie’s. We were a small charity in Scotland with just four centres when Richard got behind us building our first Maggie’s in England.

Both him and all his practice became huge advocates, introducing us to donors and telling everyone about the need for our cancer support. He was instrumental in bringing us across the border. 

Practically he supported us by giving us our first offices in London above the River Café in Hammersmith and personally, he put his arm around me and supported me when I knew no-one in London and was travelling down from Scotland, by giving me a desk next to his. 

His practice has such a culture of generosity and warmth.

They were social philanthropists putting all there efforts into not just designing a centre but ensuring that our new concept of cancer care was a success in London and could then flourish across England.

Richard himself continued to be a great supporter and friend both to me and to Maggie’s throughout his life.

During the process of planning for the West London centre, Richard never stopped thinking of ways to make the building the best it could be.

He introduced Maggie’s to the importance of colour and has encouraged us not to shy away from its use.

The bright orange he chose for the centre works brilliantly against the grey backdrop of Charing Cross Hospital and is a beacon of hope for our visitors. In fact it became so important that it hugely influenced our design and logo and taught us how to really stand out so that people knew we were there.  

Richard taught me the value of making a building the best it could possibly be and his dedication to every detail of the design at West London meant it went on to win the Stirling Prize.

I will forever be grateful for what he did for Maggie’s and for what RSHP continue to do for Maggie’s.

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