Bladder cancer support with BEAT Bladder Cancer Australia

Friday 28 May 2021

Group support is an important part of the cancer support we offer and this Bladder Cancer Awareness Month we're highlighting just one of the networking groups we've been running remotely via Zoom.

Our networking groups bring together groups of people with the same type of cancer and provide information on treatment options and techniques to improve wellbeing.

Recently, Maggie's West London teamed up with Beat Bladder Cancer Australia, to run a bladder cancer support group together. 

30 people joined the virtual group from both countries to share their experiences.

Sinead Cope, Centre Head of Maggie’s West London, said:

"It was great for both our Maggie’s West London group and members of BEAT – Beat Bladder Cancer Australia charity – to get together in this way. Dr Kalli Spencer from BEAT approached Maggie’s to ask if we could work together a few weeks ago and it has been a great success.

We had over 30 people join our virtual bladder cancer support chat with 20 from Australia and 10 from our West London group and we chatted for over two and a half hours. It was very special and warm and there was a bit of banter too.

The conversation veered from the weather to rugby to the various challenges that people with bladder cancer share and the treatments they face around the world.

It doesn’t matter where we are from in the world, people with bladder cancer share many of the same challenges, treatments, worries and experiences.

In these virtual times, it was fantastic to be able to get everyone together to chat as if they were in the same room.

The stories just kept on coming. One man, who was newly diagnosed even joined us for the full session from his hospital bed in Australia.

It’s something that we hope to follow up on and we hope to meet with our new Australian cancer support friends again soon."

Dr Kalli Spencer of Beat Bladder Cancer Australia added:

“This was a great opportunity to network and show support for those affected by Bladder Cancer on an international platform.

We hope to raise the profile of this cancer in the community, to not only help with early detection of the disease, but to also raise funds for much needed research for diagnostic tests and new therapies.

We look forward to future collaboration between the two organisations.”  


From the group...

"I would like to say as a first-time participant, how reassuring it was to hear so many positive stories and happy, positive people.

I learned about other procedures and treatments, that I knew little about and I feel reassured that I made the right decision for my particular diagnosis and stage of bladder cancer."


"I found the session to be most informative.

It was very interesting to hear about other bladder cancer patients journeys and I found many of them to be very positive about their experience.

I got the very clear message that there is a lot to look forward to in the future."


"Thank you for organising the UK end of our link up with 'BEATS'. The exercise ran very smoothly and I found it worthwhile and interesting. I am so appreciative."


"It was just incredible!  It felt great to know I am not alone no matter what."


"The joint meeting is a great idea at any time – but even more so in the covid world – it is a proxy for real travel – thank you for organising!"


"I really enjoyed the meeting for the time I was able to have.

Was interesting to see and hear people from the UK and what they have been through and how they are doing.

Also Maggie’s was very interesting. I hope they can rejoin us in the near future."


How to join a support group at Maggie's

We're here for you right now in our centres, on the phone and email.

Every Maggie's runs support groups and networking groups so you can share experiences with others in a similar situation.

Find your nearest centre to take a look at the timetable or call the team to find out more.

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