Laura's story – Maggie's helped me in my darkest moments

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Maggie's Newcastle

During treatment I would have been lost without Maggie's, so I decided to sign up for the Great North Run.


I went to A&E in the summer of 2015 with lower abdominal pain. An ultrasound scan found two large cysts, one on each ovary about the size of a small melon. They drained the cysts that day and I thought that was that.  

I went back three months later for a follow-up scan which showed that the cysts had returned and this time they were bigger. I had surgery again and the cysts were sent off for biopsy, the results came back as being borderline cancerous.  

There’s a history of cancer in my family. After a lot of discussion with my family, especially my husband Andrew, I made the difficult decision to have a total hysterectomy at the age of 29. I was lucky, I already had two wonderful children and we felt happy that our family was complete. 

I had a routine CT scan before my hysterectomy which showed the cysts had come back again which meant I needed to have open surgery. The surgery lasted about 7 hours and I stayed in hospital for just over a week.  

Whilst operating the specialist found cancer on my pelvic diaphragm, omentum, rectum and perineum and some of my lymph nodes had to be removed.

When I went into surgery I thought I had borderline cancerous changes, and when I came out I was diagnosed with low grade stage 3 ovarian cancer. I was told I’d need to have 6 rounds of chemotherapy and that there was a very high chance of recurrence.  

Anxiety and depression 

Following my diagnosis and surgery I really wasn’t very well at all and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety on top of the cancer.  

I was just 29 years old when I was diagnosed, with two young children and the hardest part for me was the guilt that I might actually leave them without a mother, and Andrew without a wife.

I also really struggled with the upset and pain I knew I’d caused my parents and sister after my diagnosis. I found it all very hard to deal with.   

The total hysterectomy also left me in early menopause and with a large scar running from just below my breasts to my pubic area.  

Maggie’s support helped me through  

I found Maggie’s Newcastle after my first oncology appointment at the Freeman hospital. I left my appointment feeling very confused and not really sure what was happening.

Andrew and I decided to go to Maggie’s and we were met by Maureen, a Cancer Support Specialist, who was fantastic. She talked me through things and I left feeling loads better.  

During my chemo I would have been totally lost without Maggie’s. I went on the Look Good Feel Better course, popped along for chat whenever I needed it and had help filling in forms. I honestly believe that their support helped me through it all.  

I always know that if and when I need Maggie’s, I will always be welcomed back and that the support they provide is amazing.   

Back to work and fundraising for Maggie’s 

After my treatment I lost 4 stone, went back to work on reduced hours and started to be able to look forward to life. I’m now really well and back at work. I go for check-ups at the hospital every six months but it’s coming up to 3 years since my surgery now.  

To thank Maggie’s for everything they did for me I decided to raise money by taking part in The Great North Run. It was an amazing experience. I had my husband by my side the whole way around the course.  

Those months when I had chemo were the hardest, darkest and scariest months of my life and a chat, cuppa and drop-in session really cheered me up.

Here with you

If you, your family or friends need support during this time, please call us on 0300 123 180, email or book a time to visit us.

If you're already visiting the hospital, just come in.

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