Carole's story - I felt lost when my treatment ended

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Maggie's Oldham

My treatment ended, my employer terminated my contract and my mum died. Visiting a centre changed everything for me.

Maggie's helped me in so many ways.

When I received the news that I had breast cancer following a routine Mammogram, I was utterly stunned. I was thrown straight into treatment and throughout this time, physically, I have to say I felt well. I even continued to work.   

What I couldn’t prepare myself for though, was how lost and abandoned I suddenly felt once I had finished treatment. During the next few months I lost my wonderful Mum and I was rushed to hospital on a number of occasions having my gall bladder removed, pancreatitis, Sepsis, pneumonia, and a collapsed lung.   

This was all too much in a short space of time. I was frightened to go anywhere on my own. I didn’t want to meet up with people in case they enquired about my health. I seemed to be spending most of my days in bed or with my feet up. Doing housework was almost impossible and the state of my home upset me. At the time I felt I wanted to go back to work but knew I didn’t have the energy. I felt that I was never going to move forward. Then my GP recommended Maggie’s. 

It took a while to actually work up the courage to get through those doors but once I did I had a chat and a cry. That was the first time I’d actually cried.  

I walked out that day with hope that I could move forward.

I received lots of different support at Maggie’s. I sat down with the benefits advisor after my employer terminated my contract and I was becoming increasingly anxious about having no income.  I also had sessions with the Psychologist, which I genuinely believe helped me to move forward and made me realise that my emotions were normal after such a traumatic period in my life.   

Slowly I began to set myself little targets and do some of the things I used to do before my diagnosis.      

I don’t want to appear dramatic but before I came to Maggie’s everything in my world seemed pointless.  I had lost so much; my health, my career, my confidence and there didn’t seem much point in carrying on. I often felt that those nearest to me would be better off without me. Without Maggie’s, I think at the very best, I would have been a clinically depressed person. 

I feel I owe Maggie’s so much for helping me to find ways to cope and move forward.  Maggie’s is my haven of calm, a place I can go and relax and where I feel like people genuinely care. 

It can be hard to walk through those doors for the first time, but once you’re inside a Maggie’s centre you will be greeted by a lovely volunteer and you won’t regret it.

Here with you

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