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Wednesday 01 November 2023

As everyone's home of cancer care, Maggie's has a mission: to ensure everyone knows about Maggie’s and how they can access our expert cancer support.

We recently launched a campaign to help spread the word. Those living in Manchester will be able to hear clips from real people who have received help from Maggie’s on Greatest Hits Manchester and Smooth North West in November and December.

In Glasgow and London, there will also be adverts featuring images of real-life Maggie’s visitors displayed on buses, tube platforms and train stations.

Kathryn Pitts has been part of the community at Maggie's Manchester for a number of years. She talks about why she leant her voice to our radio adverts – and gives advice to people who may be planning to visit a Maggie’s centre for the first time.

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn first heard about Maggie’s when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A nurse at The Christie hospital told her where she could find her local centre.

Kathryn soon became part of the Maggie’s Manchester community. She loves gardens and the outdoor space at the Manchester centre, so much so that she now works as the centre's resident gardener. Kathryn is there almost every week, ensuring the garden continues to flourish and be a space of serenity all year round.

In her own words, Kathryn said: “I came down thinking Maggie’s was going to be like a little café where I could have a cup of tea. I walked into the building and I was just blown away, because it is the most beautiful building. And the garden as well... Having a love of gardens, I walked into the greenhouse and I was like ‘wow’.

That first moment you walk in, everyone just gasps, and you instantly feel calm. It is just a magical place.

"It’s that first time you come into a Maggie’s centre – there is nothing like it. There’s nothing else to compare it to, it’s like a surprise.

‘Wonderful service and wonderful people’

Kathryn said she tries to do what she can to raise awareness of Maggie’s, and she was more than happy to star in the radio ad when asked.

She said: "I like to do anything I can to help raise awareness about Maggie’s, because the more people that know about it, the more people can access these amazing centres, the wonderful service and the wonderful people here at what is otherwise a really horrific time."

“I’ve enjoyed being part of something positive that is going to help the centres, help Manchester, help raise awareness and help the team."

‘We’ve just got to keep spreading the word’

“It’s really important to spread the word about Maggie’s, because even though our centres are really well used, there are still lots of people getting a cancer diagnosis everyday – every one in two people – so we’ve just got to keep spreading the word in any way we can.

“Not everyone accesses social media, so doing a radio advert is going to access a whole new audience of people who are hopefully going to pick it up, and we’ll get more people coming in and we can help even more people.”

Advice for first visit

Kathryn’s advice for anyone planning to visit a Maggie’s centre after hearing the advert is to bring someone along with you.

“Bring a friend, your mum, your sister, bring your partner or someone with you. Once you come in, you will never not come back again. When you get through that door the first time, then you’ll just want to come every time, whenever you are near the hospital.”

Maggie’s is….

When asked to summarise Maggie’s in her own words, Kathryn said: “Maggie’s is an amazing place to come and feel looked after and have a nice cup of tea.

“Maggie’s Manchester is a space to reflect and recharge, and to take you away from the stresses of cancer.”

We're here for you

Our cancer support specialists, psychologists and benefits advisors are here for everyone with cancer, and all the people who love them.

Come and see us at your nearest Maggie’s, call us on 0300 123 180 or email us at

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