Support for parents with cancer

Monday 14 May 2018

It can be hard to know when to talk to children about cancer and many parents wonder if they are saying the ‘right thing’ or if a childs reaction is 'normal'

If this describes your situation you may find a book I came across recently helpful:

Parenting through illness by Leigh Collins and Courtney Nathan  Some of the financial info is more relevant to its intended American audience however the remainder of the book will be relevant to parents in the UK.

The practical style in which it is written means it is easy to dip into the chapter you need and a whole range of topics including reactions of children of different ages, the benefits and pitfalls of online contacts and chapters specifically for partners and single parents.

Reading the book through will help parents to feel more confident in their existing ability to support their children through all stages of cancer and also to recognise when additional support might be beneficial.

You may also find the Talking to children section of our website helpful

You are of course also welcome to drop into any of our Centres or to message us online  to talk things over and find out more about local support. We can also recommend a variety of books to read with or give to children /young people of different ages to help them to understand more about cancer and its treatment.

Best wishes


Blog originally written by Robyn 2017

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