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Monday 14 May 2018

There has been a lot in the news recently about sugar and diet and how our health could benefit from reducing the levels of sugar we eat.

I, as a self confessed sugar addict, decided along with a group of others from Maggie’s to reduce my sugar intake over the next few weeks. There were suggestions that I should cut sugar altogether, however Caroline, our online nutritional advisor, always advises to make changes manageable so I thought I would start with not adding refined sugar to my breakfast. (I slipped up with the ½ teaspoon of sugar in my tea but everyone has to start somewhere).

I discovered by chance last week that date and cinnamon butter tastes like brown sugar, and you don’t need butter with it either (another of my favourite foods). When spread on brown bread, it makes a sweet and nutritious snack even though it doesn’t have added sugar.

I also used the date butter on porridge with slices of banana and added a spoonful of date butter to banana, strawberry and Kale and made a smoothie - very green but also very nice.

If you want to give it a go, it is very easy to make – all you need is dates, water and cinnamon.  I used a recipe from Annabelle Waugh (I added a teaspoon of cinnamon). I would suggest cooking for 7 mins and using less water in the pan as I covered the dates and it was a bit too runny.

I am of course aware that dates contain fructose, however, I am reassured that it is a healthier choice than choosing to add refined sugar and sometimes it is about that choice and small changes. Next week I may even tackle the ½ spoonful of sugar in my tea …….

For those of you looking to start making healthier choices regarding food, or perhaps wondering where to start, you could seek further advice our website, or visit one of our Centres and find out more about our nutrition workshops.

Best wishes,


Comment from caroline 

Robyn - What you have said in your blog is so right. I of course agree that It is important to try and make improvements in what you choose to eat and to do it slowly is by far the best way. I do find that people who try and make sweeping changes never sustain them. Also the body responds much better to slow changes and can rebel quite dramatically if things alter to drastically too quickly. Reducing sugar is of course one of the most important changes that you can make because we know from looking at the news as well as good research papers, that it is not good for us. Your suggestions are really useful and I particularly like the use of cinnamon. It not only helps to satisfy a sweet tooth but has been shown to help with cravings and to stabilise blood sugar levels. So keep up the good work. 

Blog and Caroline's comment originally posted 2016 

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