Nutrition: Super Greens and algae

Friday 04 May 2018

As promised this week as a follow on from the acid alkaline blog last week I want to look at super greens and algae. These are becoming very popular with healthy individuals and make up part of their healthy eating plan. This is probably for very good reason.

What are super greens and algae?
Firstly let’s look at the types of super greens and algae that I am talking about.
Chlorophyll  this is found in the green pigment of the plant.
Alfalfa this is the most mineral rich green food.
Barley grass – this is a rich source of chlorophyll.
Green tea this is a very powerful antioxidant.
Kelp this is a seaweed that is used a s a green food supplement.
Spirulina this is very high in protein.
Wheat grass this is another super green.

As you can see there is a wide variety of green foods.

They can usually be bought in a powder form, as a mixture where the benefits of one can be mixed with the benefits of another to make up a super food, or of course they can be bought individually. The beauty of them is that they are ‘alkaline forming ‘ and a very quick and easy way to help keep you in an alkaline state.

They also contain a very impressive spectrum of vitamins, minerals and protein so make up an almost complete food.  
For example,

  • Pre sprouted barley  has a broad range of vitamins and minerals, amino acids (protein building blocks) and omega oils which supply the essential fats omega 3 and 6.
  • It also contains chlorophyll which can be used to rid the body of harmful toxins.
  • Chlorophyll is the alkalising plant molecule that may increase our oxygen levels.
  • Research has also shown that chlorophyll is a strong booster of the immune system, by increasing interferon production which stimulates macrophages (which digest rogue cells) and the T lymphocytes (that identify the rogue cells in the first place).
  • It has also been shown to increase the white blood cell count which may be useful during chemotherapy when the white blood cell levels fall.  
  • It also seems to increase the level of lactobacillus in the gut (one of the beneficial bacteria) which will support the immune system and general health.

    All good stuff…...

Vitamin B12

Something of great interest is that I see many people who have trouble synthesising vitamin B12 because of the effect of the treatment they are receiving and as a result become very tired and lethargic. Well super greens happen to be very rich in vitamin B12 so this could be another good reason for their use.

How to use super greens

Quick and nutritious I think of super greens a bit like I think about the use of protein powders that we have visited before. They are a great standby for times when you do not feel like preparing meals but just want something quick and nutritious, that is easy on the digestion but will also be doing you good.

Smoothie The best way to use the super greens are in a smoothie, because  some powders just contain the more powerful detoxifiers which make them very green, quite harsh tasting and sometimes a little overwhelming for the body to deal with. Putting them in a smoothie will provide a more gentle alkalising support which will also be a lot easier on the taste buds. Either way, your super greens formula will need a delicious base to make this a breakfast or snack that you will really look forward to.

Some ideas for smoothies…...I have made 3 suggestions below that you may like to try. For these I have used Nutrigold ‘Wake up’ super green formula.
They are best drunk straight away but will keep well in an airtight container if you want to make one for later or indeed you just want half as you make it and the other half later.
You should be able to get your Super green formula from any good health food shop. I know that Udo is a very good make as well as the Nutrigold I have already mentioned. I keep mine in the fridge to ensure freshness.

Idea 1.
50g of almonds soaked overnight in water.
½ avocado.
Zest of 1 lemon.
4 tsps acacia honey or agave syrup.
4 tbsp of super green powder.
½ pt water.

Drain the nuts. Blend ingredients together in a smoothie maker or blender, gradually adding the water until you have the consistency you want.

Idea 2.
50g Brazil nuts soaked overnight in water.
2 dessert spoons dessicated coconut.
2 bananas.
2 tsps carob powder or dark cocoa powder. (I use Green and  Blacks)
3 tsps honey.
4 tbsps of super greens powder.
½ pt water.

Same method as above. Adding water to get the correct consistency for you.

Idea 3.
8 carrots washed and cut into chunks.
2 apples cored
1-2 sticks celery chopped
1cm slice root ginger.
4 tbsps super greens.

Method. Juice carrots, apple, celery and ginger and then whiz in super green powder.

I hope that you try some  They are another easy way to boost health and to encourage an alkaline environment that  promotes good health.

Exercise A last word about boosting oxygen levels and promoting alkalinity and that is Exercise. A walk is all that it takes, I do not mean  beating yourself up in the gym. But walking with a purpose so that the heart rate rises slightly. Obviously there may be times when this is not possible but something to bear in mind when the time is right.

Blog originally written by Caroline June 2012

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