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Friday 04 May 2018

Last week we looked and juicing and juicers and this week I thought it would be a good idea to look at smoothie as another option.

Smoothies of course rely on having a good blender which most of us have so the equipment for smoothies is much less expensive than for juicing, which could be a bonus. Also smoothies contain everything that you put in the goblet, the juice and the fibre from the fruits of vegetables so you will not be wasting anything. In most cases this is ideal as the fibre helps to keep the digestive system working well and prevents constipation, however if the digestive system is compromised due to surgery or bowel/ digestive  types of cancer then this may not be a suitable way of preparing your food.

With smoothies you can also add other ingredients if you want to like grounds nuts or protein powder or ground flaxseeds as well as yogurt. This makes more of a complete meal in a glass so perfect  as an easy to eat meal replacement, especially good when appetite is poor and you are conscious that your calorie intake is very low or if you need to build up particularly after surgery or treatment. They make a good breakfast for those in a hurry and a healthy alternative to cereals which can be high in salt and sugar.

To increase the nutritional value more you could also add 1 tablespoon of essential fat in the form of walnut oil, pumpkin oil, hemp oil or flaxseed oil. This will increase the calories and add to the energy value of the drink.

Smoothies are an easy way of ensuring that you get a concentration of fruits and vegetables in the diet. As we know these are rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help to support the immune system and are alkaline forming foods.

They help to keep you hydrated.

They will keep in the fridge for at least 24 hours so they can be dipped into as and when they are needed.

I have added a few smoothie recipes that you may like to try.

Power Smoothie.
The almond milk adds essential protein, the flaxseed adds the essential fatty acid omega 3 and the fruit the important vitamins and minerals.

2 large apples.
2 tbsp ground flax seeds.

1 banana
250g/8 oz frozen mixed berries (straight from the freezer)
Almond milk.

Simply blend together until smooth using enough almond milk to get the consistency that you like.

Creamy Apple green Shake.
There are many different makes of super green powders and they are easily available from most health food shops. They are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Many people take 1 teaspoon daily in drinks or added to food for their cleansing detoxifying properties.
1 handful of sesame seeds.
Handful of cashew nuts.
1 mango peeled
1 banana peeled
1 green apple cored.
1 dessert spoon of super green powder. (wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella  etc)
Put all the ingredients in a blender with enough water to make the consistency that you like..

Avocado and Cacoa Smoothie.The avocado gives a silky smooth texture to the drink that is easy to swallow. It has the added benefit of providing healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Raw cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants, magnesium (which we need for energy production) and the mood boosting amino acid tryptophan. The flaxseed adds omega 3 and fibre. Almond milk adds protein but Coconut milk would work equally as well.
Cocao powder comes from the cold pressed cocao beans and can also be bought in nibs from most health food shops.


1 ripe avocado peeled and stone removed.
500 ml of almond milk.
250ml of coconut water.
2 tbsp cocao powder.
1 tsp vanilla extract.
1 tbsp ground flaxseeds.
1 tsp cinnamon.
250g fresh or frozen raspberries.

Simply put in blender and blend until smooth.

Blog originally written by Caroline February 2013

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