Nutrition cookery day with Christine Bailey

Tuesday 08 May 2018

I want to give you some information on the cookery/nutrition course that I attended a week ago. As I said in my last blog it was very inspiring and I was introduced to some new ingredients and privy to some very recent research on Turmeric that I want to share with you.

The course was run by Christine Bailey who as some of you know is a nutrition/cookery expert who has written many books, speaks nationally and appears on TV and radio. Basically a mine of information and she is very practical with it, which I like

What was the day about?
The day was primarily cooking. Christine demonstrated many nourishing simple to prepare recipes using high quality ingredients which research have been shown can inhibit the growth of certain cancers and/or support the immune function. The foods she used were designed to help keep the body alkaline and were rich in the essential nutrients particularly potassium, magnesium and Glutathione. Glutathione is a building block of protein and helps the mitochondria    (power station in your cells) to incorporate oxygen which has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Her recipes were sympathetic to the possible side effects that can develop as a result of treatment. This included

Oral mucositis (sore inflamed mouth) and digestive problems.  Her main recommendations for these were to sip calming teas such as liquorish, camomile and fennel. Ginger tea helps with post nausea. Mucilages (simply means slimy or gel like) such as slippery elm and marshmallow root can be helpful. Slippery Elm comes from the inner bark of the Elm tree and has been used as a herbal remedy for centuries, as a poultice for skin wounds and boils. It has an astringent effect providing an effective barrier for bacterial infections. It has a soothing action on all mucus membranes including those of the digestive system. It also alleviates diarrhoea. One to two tablespoons mixed with water up to four times a day are the recommendations. Marshmallow root has similar properties.  L Glutamine powder made into a mouthwash can really help inflammation in the mouth as it improves the function of the local immunity. L glutamine is an amino acid that is a building block of protein. It is the most abundant amino acid used in the body. Turmeric was also mentioned but I will give more details on this in a few weeks.

Christine is a huge fan of coconut milk, butter and yogurt. They are known as medium chain fatty acids (as opposed to long and short chain). These medium chain fatty acids makes coconut and its products easy to digest and they supply instant energy, so a good pick me up for tired days. They also provide essential calories for the energy required to get well and heal.

The most important property of coconut products is the naturally present Lauric acid (also found in breast milk). Lauric acid has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties making it ideal to boost the immune system and help keep infections down. Many people report less sickness when they eat coconut products regularly, which is interesting. I posted a blog on coconut in December last year.

The products are easily available and very versatile. Waitrose have now started to stock coconut yogurts, and a coconut ice cream called Zen Zen. It is sweetened with agave or sweet freedom so ideal for a sweet cool food without upsetting blood sugar levels. Goodness Direct online supply a good range of coconut products.


Hot chocolate with lacuma and Maca
A new ingredient that I think would be really beneficial and delicious is called ‘Naturally Hot Chocolate’. It contains Lacuma powder, Maca powder and cacao powder. Maca powder supports the adrenal glands and our natural stress response. It also helps to support good hormone balance and energy levels. You can of course buy it separately, I know that Holland and Barrett stock it. I would make the most of their penny sales or half price offers which they are always having. Some people take a dessertspoon mixed with water on a daily basis to give themselves an energy boost in the morning and to calm the adrenals if they are stressed. The Lacuma powder has a butterscotch flavour so a natural sweetener. Christine used the Naturally Hot Chocolate to make a shake which she served warm (not hot). It can also be chilled.

Mocha Smoothie. (Christine Bailey)
250mls of nut milk (almond is readily available)
2 tbsp of Naturally Hot Chocolate
1 scant tbsp of raw honey or manuka honey or sweet freedom.

Simply blend everything together. Can be served cold or warm.

We did discuss soya and all the controversy surrounding it. Christine’s view was that we should avoid the western soya products that are not the same as the soya from the Far East and are usually genetically modified. She thought the use of natural fermented soya products like Tempeh, Natto, Miso and whole organic soya beans as part of a good mixed diet. She made a delicious recipe using Tempeh which comes from her new book which I will review next week.

Natto is a fermented soya bean eaten for breakfast in Japan. I have never tried it myself but will look for it to have a go.

Wholly immune that she has recently been introduced to herself was called ‘Wholly Immune’ and is available on line from Allergy Research or Nutri link companies. It is a powdered product developed by Dr. Freidrich Douwes an oncologist who founded the renowned St Georges Hospital in Germany. He developed it for his cancer patients to take before during and after treatment. It is a blend of herbs and nutrients that work synergistically to enhance the immune system function, decrease oxidative stress and support liver detoxification. One to two scoops are recommended a day to be mixed with water or a little fruit juice.
As with all supplements do let  your dr/specialist nurse if you are or are planning to take this.

Calorie restriction pre chemo
We also discussed the latest research on the calorie restriction (CR) diet used prior to chemotherapy.  CR is a diet modification that reduces calorie intake by 20-40%, without restricting essential vitamins and nutrients. CR seems to affect a variety of molecular pathways, increasing longevity and reducing cancer risk. It also seems to make cells more receptive to radiation, chemotherapies and even targeted molecules and it can increase the percentage of healthy cells over tumour cells.

Researchers studied CR with breast cancer showing that both CR and radiation therapy down regulated several signalling pathways that cancer progression up regulates. It is suggested that the 2 therapies combined was likely to produce better results. People who have followed the CR regime report far less side effects from treatment. I will do a blog on this when I have researched it fully myself. It is all very exciting and may be something for the future.

I am conscious that there is a lot of information in this blog and there is more to come like the benefits of bitter greens and some other herbs including new research on Turmeric and supplements that all may be beneficial. I will look at these in more detail in future blogs.

I hope that the information in this blog has inspired some of you. Next week I intend to review the book Nourish that was only available after publication a month ago.

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Blog originally written by Caroline May 2013

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