Managing overwhelm....Routine...

Wednesday 01 April 2020


This, the third of  a series  of mini blogs by  Lesley Howells Lead Psychologist at Maggie's,  focuses on how routine can help when you are feeling overwhelmed....

Routine offers certainty when everything feels so uncertain.

It’s really important that you keep to your familiar work and family routines as far as possible, whereever you are, working from home or self isolating .

Our confidence slips and sadness creeps in, if we let go of routine. Keep your time structured, filled with achievable, meaningful and enjoyable tasks, so you still have a sense of accomplishment at the end of your  day.

If working from home keep your workday separate from home-life by marking the end of the day with a particular activity, for example, change your clothes, walk the dog  have a post 5pm ‘check in’ online with friends.

You usual sources of support  may still be available but ,like the support from Maggie's ,  adapted creatively for our changing world.

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