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Thursday 08 October 2020

This blog guides you through the benefits information that Maggie's offers and how you can  get further advice and support support with benefits and other financial matters. 

How do I get Maggie's benefits advice?

You can contact the most convenient Maggie's Centre for you.  So now, whether it's a bit of of a quick query with "What do I do next?" or more involved help with forms, queries or appeals, please contact your most convenient  Maggie's Centre. 

Remember, you do not have to visit that Centre to access that support - just contact them and they arrange with you how and when the Benefits Adviser will contact you back. 

So, do please explore the Benefit Blogs and Conversations while you are here, but then contact a Benefits Advisor in a Maggie's Centre. Or  if you would prefer to link up with an adviser nearer to you (e.g. if it may be a long way for a face to face session ), then see the links below to find other likely advice services in your area.    

There are also a wide range of Benefits Blogs to read  you may find it helpful to start with Benefits after a Cancer Diagnosis.

Links to find face to face benefits advice in your area: 

  • Contact your most convenient Maggie's Centre to arrange for a Benefits Advisor to contact you back. Find your most convenient centre here
  • See if there is a Macmillan advice service near you by entering your town or postcode on the In your area page. from their In your area page
  • Find your local Citizens Advice office, by entering town or postcode in the box on the Contact Us page. Do though choose which home nation (England, Scotland, Wales or N.Ireland) from the box at the top at the top 

Get cancer support near you

To find your nearest Maggie's centre, enter your postcode or town below.

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