It can be hard to find the words

Monday 14 May 2018

I have had a very creative sort of couple of weeks  as I was invited to take art in both an art therapy and a creative writing session.

As a musician I approach art rather cautiously , I am far more comfortable making music than painting or drawing however, I was reasonably pleased with my artistic efforts and  the other participants ( all art therapists) were suitably kind with their comments

The creative writing session  was a pleasant surprise – I have to confess to being rather nervous at  being asked to write my thoughts down however the facilitator gently guided us to build up material by thinking about our journey from home that morning and before I knew it I was scribbling away.

In both sessions there was discussion about the work we produced during the sessions. Afterwards I was thinking how both sessions had been a surprisingly  uplifting part of my day and I realised that despite my nerves I had really enjoyed both sessions.

The  journey that I wrote about was my daily grind on a busy commuter train  - until I was encouraged to write about it in such an innovative, yet gentle way, I wasn’t aware how many thoughts I carried about my journey – how many details and emotions I remembered when I tried to recall just one moment...

Cancer is often compared to a journey  - with twists and turns, diversions and uncertain destinations resulting in  a whole muddle of thoughts and emotions and practical issues on top of physical symptoms or side effects.

Sometimes its hard to find the words to talk about  or even know about how you are feeling .....

We often talk about joining groups  and sharing experiences with others here at Maggie’s  - indeed group work is one of the most important parts  of our programme of support, both informally around our kitchen tables and also in our  support and networking groups

Many people are naturally shy about joining a group or nervous about sharing thoughts with others and talking to other Centre visitors or joining a support group can seem a step too far. If words don’t come easily then  perhaps consider a group with an activity

Our centres offer many different types of groups  and opportunities to give yourself some space in different ways – creative writing, expressive art, choirs and then of course there are other groups such as tai chi or yoga  or relaxation exercises. You are welcome to drop into the Centres to find out more.

You are of course always welcome to get in touch online - it can be  a way of dipping your toe in the water as you start to find support and information. You might like to start a conversation about a book you have read, a film you have seen  or some music you have listened to , you could share a poem with other members or maybe a story of a journey you have made or perhaps try and sum up your day in three words.  You are welcome to upload a picture to that has a memory attached or perhaps even some of your own artwork. 

You may decide to keep your post as a draft, private  for yourself, however, making it visible can also be a good way of getting to know other members and of starting a conversation with others who may be in a similar situation

As I found in my recent  sessions - it’s often not about what you actually draw or write but how doing so makes you feel and the discussion that may follow...

Best wishes


Blog originally written by Robyn October 2013

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