How to care for yourself if you’re caring for someone else

Friday 22 April 2022

If you are looking after someone with cancer then it is vital that you also look after yourself. We know that caring for someone with cancer can be all-consuming, taking all your time, energy and mental capacity, but if you aren’t caring for yourself then you won’t be able to care for them.

Every single time I walk through the Maggie’s door, I cry. Because I don’t have to sit in a waiting room, or make decisions or do anything, or sit there being ignored.

– Charles, Centre Ambassador

Here are some simple and quick ways to care for yourself.

  1. Exercise – even if it’s a 10-minute walk to the end of the road, or a stretch before bed, moving your body will help release endorphins and keep you healthy
  2. Get out in nature, breathe in the fresh air
  3. Learn to accept help more willingly – if your friends offer to cook for you, or take the dog for a walk, let them, they want to help
  4. You can accept medical help – antidepressants, therapy etc all exist to make life a little easier when you’re finding things tough. At Maggie’s, you can arrange to speak to one of our psychologists for free
  5. Take a break when you can. If the person you’re looking after is receiving treatment or in an appointment, you can relax at Maggie’s
  6. Sit down together and watch your favourite TV show
  7. Some days everything will be too much to do any of the above, on days like that a cup of tea and a favourite biscuit is sometimes the best you can do and that's ok.

If you care about them, we care about you

If you're supporting someone with cancer come and see us at your nearest Maggie's with or without the person you're supporting. 

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