Five tips for speaking to people looking after someone with cancer

Friday 22 April 2022

Here are some tips on what not to say when speaking to people who are caring for someone with cancer.

  1. Never say ‘Stay Strong’, "Be positive" – they are trying to be these things already.
  2. Never say "You should….." or ‘"You should have…." – it implies they haven’t thought of it or tried it already.
  3. Never say "Whatever you need just ask" – it leaves the onus on the other person to ask.
  4. Don’t say anything, just listen – allow the person to vent if they need to.
  5. Don’t simplify or compare by saying things like "it’s like when my kids were little" or "I know what you mean, I used to get my Gran’s shopping for her". It’s not.

If you care about them, we care about you

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