The need - Maggie's Centres

The need – Maggie's Taunton


14,000 new cancer diagnoses a year

The Beacon Oncology Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital sees 2,500 people with new cancer diagnoses each year.

Many of these patients will face tough questions, exhausting treatment and difficult emotions that can range from anxiety to loneliness and isolation. These challenges affect not only those with cancer, but their family and friends too. 

The opening of Maggie’s Taunton will allow us to extend our support even further across the West Country, which sees over 14,000 cancer diagnoses a year. 

Once opened, we anticipate around 8,000 people a year will use the centre.

The support Maggie’s will provide

Each of our centres across the UK is built on the grounds of a specialist NHS cancer hospital at the invitation of the local Trust.

Situated close to the oncology ward at Musgrove Park Hospital, Maggie’s Taunton will be a warm and welcoming place, where people with cancer can explore tough questions and difficult emotions, to find a way through and beyond cancer.

The centre will be there for anyone and everyone affected by cancer, offering an enhanced and unique evidence-based programme of support delivered in an uplifting, non-clinical environment. 

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