Fiona's Story – telling my story at Culture Crawl - Maggie's Centres

Fiona's story – telling my story at Culture Crawl

Tuesday 14 January 2020
Maggie's Dundee

My sister and I both had amazing support at Maggie's and after she died I decided to fundraise in celebration of her.

My sister Lisa first introduced the staff and volunteers at Maggie’s as ‘her friends’. She was having chemo for breast cancer and it was nice to pop over for a quiet coffee away from the hospital environment. 

The following year, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Maggie’s was my first port of call.

As I went through my treatment and multiple hospital visits Maggie’s gave me a place to gather my thoughts, or, if I was feeling sociable, to have a chat. 

My sister was soon diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. Our friends at Maggie’s would try and guess on each visit who was accompanying who to their appointment.  

As my sister’s health deteriorated and I came out the other end of my treatment, Maggie’s really was an invaluable place for my husband, my mum and I to visit and to get my questions answered.

Questions like – What benefits should I be claiming? Should I rush back to work? Why, as it’s all finished, do I still feel rubbish? 

Losing my sister 

It was my sister’s goal to get to her 50th birthday but she didn’t make it. Lisa died in May 2019 aged 49, leaving a young family. 

I took advantage of much needed counselling sessions at Maggie's to help me come to terms with my sister’s death at the same time as only just finishing my own treatment for cancer. I am absolutely certain that I have coped better due to Maggie’s help.  

On what would have been her birthday I did a freefall Skydive. I raised over £3,000 for Maggie’s in celebration of her. I also wanted to contribute for all that coffee I had drunk! 

After I lost my sister my friends at Maggie’s were there for me at every step and still are.

Maggie's Culture Crawl 

I wanted to take part in Maggie's Culture Crawl but I wasn’t fit enough to walk so instead I was asked to tell my story at the event. I got up in front of hundreds of people at the V&A in Dundee and managed to get through it without any tears.

I would encourage anyone to sign up for Culture Crawl and to help contribute to the work Maggie’s does. I am still under close observation and having further genetic testing and I know that Maggie’s is still there for me.  

Who knows what my next fundraising challenge will be, but there definitely will be one, I just need to think of something crazy to do!

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