Multitasking or perhaps not......

Monday 14 May 2018

Several times a year  a year I play in a band for  a local musical company - at a rehearsal the other day the producer  asked if the band could answer the cast during a chorus by singing a reply – I nodded and listened to the words and tune preparing to  sing it back with enthusiasm -

Admittedly it was at the end of a long rehearsal but then as I started to play I realised I was at a disadvantage  to some of the other musicians - I play the flute…… which would make singing and playing at the same time a newsworthy achievement !

I was thinking about this today  and realising there are often times when we agree to  do something or take something on that we really can’t manage even though we agree to it….

Perhaps you have been feeling unwell but are continuing to try to do and/or be everything for everyone else

Many of you are supporting friends or relatives affected by cancer and although willing to help out find yourselves stretched thin  with other commitments

In my (minor) dilemma there were other members of the band who were more able to take on the singing role – the string  or keyboard players or the drummer and leave me to the "fluting"……

When you are used to doing everything it can be easy just to agree you will do something   without thinking however it is often much harder to say when things are difficult and to ask others for help…. If you are finding things are getting on top of you  then perhaps consider asking for help

This may mean asking a friend/relative  or perhaps talking to an employer or teacher to ask to lighten your workload…..  or even just telling someone else how you are feeling..

Perhaps you usually help someone else out but don’t feel up to it just now – is there someone else who could step in….?

It may also be that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed  or trying to find out more about cancer or cancer treatment and are not sure which way to turn – it can be difficult to take that first step to ask for help – you are very welcome to drop into any of our Centres and/or register here at Maggie’s Online Centre and talk to other members of our friendly online community or our online team

Best wishes


Blog originally written by Robyn 2014

(Updated April 2020)

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